Do you have a construction project that we can help with?

All-in-one service

Nawara Bouwservice has several professionals in-house, each with his or her own qualities. We are therefore most proud that you can come to us for a complex projects requiring specialists. From demolition to reconstruction. We have experience with:
  • Expansions
  • Electrical systems
  • Plaster work
  • Ceiling and wall constructions
  • Flooring
  • Complete bathrooms
  • Carpentry (also furniture)
  •  And much more
And because we know how unpleasant it can be, when your place is still in the mess after a job, we immediately clean and prepare the place to move in immediately. This way you can really enjoy our work.

Nawara All-in-one service renovation - living room

Indoor renovation

Do you want to create two smaller rooms from one large room, or vice versa? Is your kitchen, toilet or bathroom outdated and in need of replacement? Must the walls be stuccoed or a floor laid? From the demolition work to a fully refurbished area we are involved in the process.
We will help you with full renovation of your kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilet.

Nawara bouwservice renovated kitchen

House renovation

Your house must be isolated? Do you want to create more light and space in the attic? Have your window frames rotten over the years? We are happy to think along with you about a solution. And of course we do not let it come to mind, we also isolate, create and install. No matter how large-scale or small-scale the renovation is, the professionals at Nawara Bouwservice have years of experience and do the job for you.

Nawara bouwservice house renovation

Installation and plumbing work

You are also at the right address at Nawara Bouwservice for less visible work, such as gas and water pipes and drains. Our professionals will gladly provide you with a well-heated house, a cooling air-conditioning system and a safely installed geyser. They also ensure that the sewer system runs smoothly and remedy leaks. Although installation and plumbing work is less visible, it is of great importance that it is carried out by a professional.

Nawara Bouwservice floor heating instalation


We work with specialized carpenters who all have their own expertise. It makes no difference to us whether you have large or small carpentry. Whether it concerns:

  • custom-made window frames,
  • a walk-in closet,
  • a staircase,
  • a garden house,
  • a porch or
  • a vide.

We have all the skills to deliver qualitative craftsmanship. We start every project with just as much enthusiasm and accuracy, because carpentry is about customization. No project is the same. We first sit around the table to discuss your wishes, but we like to think along with you to achieve the desired result.

Nawara bouwservice carpentry timmerverk kast

Electrical installations

Improperly installed electricity can cause unsafe situations. For example, if you want to connect extra electrical outlets, atmospheric garden lighting, new groups in the meter cupboard, connect or install electrical appliances, and you have little or no knowledge of it yourself. Leave this job to one of our professionals, because safety comes first.

We can help you with:

  • extending your electrical installation
  • moving electric  sockets to other place
  • ensuring your plan of connecting electrical devices in selected sockets is safe and will not cause system overloading ( prevent electrical overload)